Foremost Drill Rig

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Versa Drill V100-NG

We have 2 of these units ready to deploy at all times.


  • Width: 8'6" -2.59m
  • length: 37'6"-11.42m
  • height: 13'7"-4.14m
  • top of derrick (mast up) 39'5"-12m

Approx 24500 KG

  Versa Drill Water Well Rig

Sonic SDC 450-15

Track mounted Unit

250 HP Caterpillar


  • Mast folded: 26' 5" L x 10' H x 8' 2" W
  • Mast Raised: 26' 5" L x 27' 3" H x 8' 2" W
  • Track Foot print: 19' 75" L x 8' 2" W
  • Approx Wgt: 13,500 KG

Sonic Drill Rig

The Sonic SDC 450-15 utelizes high frequency vibration which is sent down the drill string to the bit. The operatior is able to control the frequencies. This process fluidizes the soil particles surrounding the bit allowing for  fast & easy penetration into most geological materials. The sonic drill is a rubber tack vehicle equiped with a sliding anle mast making it an ideal tool for investigating the water supply of an aquifer.  

Barber DR 12 W

We have 2 of these units ready to deploy at all times.


  • Width: 8'6" -2.59m
  • length: 42'-12.8m
  • height: 13'2"-4.01m
  • top of derrick (mast up) 42'6"-12.95m

Dual Rotary.(DR) both the Foremost DR 12 and DR 24 feature two rotary drives. The lower drive works independently of the top drive and feeds and rotates the casing. This allows us to advance steel casing through geological formations such as till, sand, gravel, and boulders.When the desired casing dpth is obtained, the DR can continue to drill the open hole such as a conventional Top Drive unit. This method eliminates the need to trip out of holes or for tooling changes while going from casing advancement to open hole drilling.


Barber DR 24 W

Mounted on a 2003 Sterling


  • Width: 8'6" -2.59m
  • length: 40'-12.19m
  • height: 13'2"-4.01m
  • top of derrick (mast up) 42'-12.8m

Approx 26500 KG

  Barber DR 24 Drill Rig


Mounted on a 1993 Ford


  • Width: 8'5" -2.56m
  • length: 36'8"-11.17m
  • height: 13'6"-4.11m
  • top of derrick (mast up) 38'-11.58m

Approx 27300 KG



Mounted on a 2001 International


  • Width: 8'6" -2.59m
  • length: 34'10"-10.61m
  • height: 13'-3.96m
  • top of derrick (mast up) 34'10"-10.61m

Approx 25000 KG

Smeal Pump Pulling  Rig

Mounted on a 1997 Ford F450


Approx 10800 KG