Friesen Drillers Ltd. Has a vast area of specialty services to offer. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Aqua Flush-
Aqua Flushing is a process by which water is injected under extreme pressure into a well to improve its production capabilities. Process: A packer is inserted down the bore hole on the end of a pipe string to a predetermined depth. The packer is then expanded and anchored to the wall of the bore hole. Water is forced under extreme pressure into the cavity of the well, flushing out the fractures and allowing existing water in the perimeter to flow freely into the well bore.

Electro-Logging- In water well drilling, resistivity is a measurement of the electro-chemical content of the pore space of the formations surrounding the well.  Water quantity and quality are determined by measuring resistivity. Static water level is defined thru interpretation of resistivity data. Bedrock is considered the bottom of a potential water bearing zone called an aquifer. When the thickness of the water producing zone has been identified and the porosity is determined, then the quantity of water is known.  Water varies in quality from fresh water with little or no conductive impurities to salty brine that is very conductive. Water quality – a measure of total dissolved solids can be derived from resistivity.

Hydrogeological Engineering-A hydrogeological engineer seeks to find hidden subsurface water resources, assess the quality and decide the if there is potential for a reservoir. In addition, the hydrogeological engineer is often directly involved in major assessment studies concerning water pollution or the disposal of chemical and radioactive wastes. Hydrogeological engineers work in a natural environment developing design criteria for human habitation of the earth in relation to water.  On construction sites, they explore the physical and chemical properties of the structural materials and water.

Hydrogeological engineering involves groundwater exploration, supply and recharge, surface and subsurface hydrology of lakes and rivers, well testing and sewage seepage. They investigate and report on waste disposal sites which seep into groundwater and try and create new environmental ways to combat this issue.
Hydrogeological engineers use traditional and high-tech tools, such as computer-aided design (CAD) systems to create realistic geometric models of objects which can simulate and analyze the effects and potential problems of designs such as machine malfunction and breakdown. They research and evaluate each project to find the most cost-effective solutions to problems while maintaining recognized standards.

Down Hole Video Inspections- Friesen Drillers Ltd. is able to inspect new or old wells to determine a problem, to record interior casing and other conditions or just to have a visual record of the well. We are able to inspect wells from 4" up to 24" in diameter. We can perform downhole video inspections to identify damaged or deformed water well casings, sand infiltration, corrosion, damaged or plugged well screens, debris at the bottom of the well, and even lost tools or pump parts. Finding these problems early through video inspection can avoid costly repairs, as well as  diagnose and service wells with greater accuracy.

Specialty Piling- Rock socketed piles, From 6"-24" steel casons, Hard rock drilling.

These are just some of the vast specialized services we offer...